Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Complete: 1993 Dempster's Bread Blue Jays

When it comes to modern collecting (and when I say modern, I basically mean anything since 1980), I am a big fan of oddball and regional issues.  Especially those that are team-centric (as opposed to something like Post cereal where you might only get 1-2 cards from any given team).

The 1993 Dempster's Bread issue is a perfect example of a regional issue that I'm a big fan of.  Though I did manage to get one of these cards in a loaf of bread in 1993 (Al Leiter, for the record), this is another set that I "built by buying".  I grabbed it on eBay a while ago from a Canadian seller for just a couple bucks.  It now sits protected in binder pages alongside some other oddball/regional issues (such as this one, another favourite of mine).
The design of these cards is pretty simple.  Horizontal blue bars, a colour player photo that overflows a white parallellogram.  Surrounding the photo area bunch of logos, a card number in a white baseball and the player's name and position.  Kind of a busy design when I describe it, but simple enough when I look at it.  Maybe it's just that I like blue...I don't know.  But I do like the design of these cards.

As far as player selection goes, I'd say it's pretty good.  I mean, you're drawing from a team that's in the midst of back-to-back World Series Championships, so there are going to be some good players in here...Alomar, Carter, Winfield, White, Olerud, etc.

I am intentionally not showing those guys though, since they'll be featured in future blog posts, I'm sure.  Instead, a few other guys that likely won't get as much attention as those listed, yet deserve it when you're talking about the 1992 or 1993 Toronto Blue Jays.  You can't talk about the 1992 Blue Jays and not mention Jack Morris, the clubs first 20-game winner.  The breadth of this guy's career is impressive, though I won't go into it.  Suffice it to say that Jack Morris did exactly what he was brought to Toronto to do: win games.

And if we're talking about guys doing their jobs, how about Pat Borders?  Here's a guy that didn't, and doesn't, attract the attention like the Alomars and Carters, but he got it done when it mattered.  A career .253 hitter during 17 big league seasons, but a career .315 in the playoffs?  At some point I'll get into the rest of his numbers and try to make some sense of them, but for now, he gets a bye because I was a fan of him and this card ;)

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  1. That Pat Borders card is awesome, great photo!!

  2. I have the entire 1992 Dempsters Blue Jays set and it's in a sheet, so uncut. Is that worth anything? Just curious.