Sunday, April 6, 2014

Complete: 1991 Leaf Studio

My first encounter with Leaf Studio was the 1993 set. Until 4-5 years ago, I didn't even know there were earlier editions of this set.  I'm glad there is, though.  1993 Studio is another of many favourite sets of mine.  We'll discuss it in a future post (soon, hopefully) once I wrap up that team set.

In the mean time, we can talk about the 1991 edition now.  At only 264 cards, this set is easily completable.  And with such a simple, but pleasant design, the small effort well worth it.  These cards boast some excellent black & white photography.  Based on the backdrop of these photos -- and, as the name might imply -- I think it's safe to assume these shots were all taken in studio.  The photos themselves are bordered in a soft burgundy, and that border contains the players name in white.  The entire card has a bit of a gloss to it.  The best way to describe this gloss would be to compare it to an actual printed photo.  Anyone old enough to remember actually taking pictures with cameras (as opposed to smart phones) and having to get film developed would understand what I mean.  This set of cards is printed with the photo quality of a series of  photographs.

From obscurity a few years ago, this set now sits among my favourites.  I'm glad to have it completed.  I already had the Mookie at left, as well as Roberto Alomar in this set.  The eight missing cards came out of the huge trade package from Rich Klein mentioned a few posts back.

And now I need to go check out 1992 Leaf Studio.  I assume it was released in 1992, but honestly, I have no idea what it looks like!

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  1. You're right, this set has aged well. It wasn't too exciting when I was just out of my teens, but the black & white photography is really nice. Also, Dave Stieb is a real favorite of mine. I always bristle at all of the Hall of Fame talk for Jack Morris, with none for Stieb. On top of that, that's one sweet GRIPS card that I'm gonna have to add to the collection at some point.