Thursday, April 17, 2014

JustCommons JustCompletes 19 team sets

Have been very short on time lately, but have recently received my first order with  I couldn't be happier.  In fact, if we just kinda brush past my complete inability to accurately checklist my collection (read: I ordered 6 cards I already have and one card that doesn't even depict a Toronto Blue Jay), the entire transaction went flawlessly.

Because JustCommons has $5 flat-rate shipping to Canada, too, I was able to order a lot of cards and not pay much for shipping.  With the way postal rates continue to rise, it was a refreshing change.

If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that I modified the links across the top of this site.  Gone are the individual wantlists for Topps, Upper Deck and Regionals, and instead I replaced those three with a single wantlist (that is a Google Doc) and a list of the team sets I've completed so far.  I'm keeping track of that list as I am aiming to have 100 complete team sets by the end of the year.

My latest haul brings me to 80; most of which are from between 1977-1994.  I have also fully updated my wantlist for those years.  As time allows, I am preparing/updating my wantlists for 1995-present.  This is a monumental task, but once it's done, I'll be able to catalogue the 2000 or so unique cards I have from that time period that I have yet to checklist.

In my next few posts I'll feature some of the sets that I was able to recently complete.  I'm pretty excited about some of them.

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