Saturday, April 19, 2014

Playing favourites

Despite the fact that this card is a post-playing-days issue, it is among my favourite Joe Carter cards.  Why?  For me, it is just has so much going for it.  It is a fairly busy card, but all of the elements seem to be in balance.  The image of Carter is a classic; the bat chip worked into the year is a clever idea, and Joe Carter has an excellent autograph (admittedly, the one on my card is a little smoother) so it's a great touch.  And it obviously marks a significant event in Blue Jays history.  It also kinda serves as a placeholder in my collection.

My scanner doesn't scan this card well; image courtesy of eBay.
This is a card that I wanted for a very long time.  I wasn't willing to pay much for it though, so I watched auction after auction end on eBay without ever bidding.  And then one day I found a BIN for all of $10.  I didn't even hesitate.  Actually, I wasn't even actively collecting at the time (and can't explain why I was even looking) but I knew it was a fair price and bought it.  I'm happy to have it.

The bat in this card is the closest thing I've got any kind of memorabilia of the Blue Jays.  Not because I don't have any interest in memorabilia, mind you.  The real truth is that if I had the money (and could convince my wife to let me spend it!) I'd go after one of those World Series player trophies from either 1992 or 1993.  For me, that would be a collection defining piece.  If I ever obtained one, actually, it'd probably mark the end of collecting for me.  I'd never be able to top it.

Of course, the last time one of those trophies sold, it was Joe Carter's 1993 trophy and it went for around $15K.  So I think I'm safe to assume that, barring a lottery win, I'll never be getting one.  At $10, this card serves as a perfect placeholder.  Especially considering the odds of winning the lottery.  They're stacked against you if you actually play the lottery.  Since I don't, it's good that I'm happy owning this card ;)

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  1. At $10, that card is fabulous!! Great piece Richard, I love it