Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reasons to love regionals #2: Craig McMurtry

So first things first.  Who the heck is Craig McMurtry?

Craig McMurtry was a RHP from 1983-1995.  During that time he pitched for the Atlanta Braves, Texas Ranges and Houston Astros.  Let me repeat that.  From 1983-1995,  Craig McMurtry pitched for the Braves, Rangers and Astros.

So why is he pictured with the Blue Jays in this 1987 Fire Safety issue?  Well, that's the beauty of Regionals.

Craig McMurtry was traded to the Blue Jays in 1987 but never actually appeared in a game with the Toronto Blue Jays.  Instead he split his time between the Blue Jays AAA (Syracuse) and AA (Knoxville) clubs in 1987 before being granted free agency and signing with the Texas Rangers for 1988.

Want a few more interesting facts about Craig McMurtry?

Well, did you know that in 1983, he finished 7th in Cy Young voting and 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting?

Or that in 1986, he became the first pitcher to give up a major league home run to Barry Bonds?

Or that he's currently the baseball coach at Temple JC in Temple, Texas?

And all that on a blog about Toronto Blue Jays baseball cards about a guy that never actually played for the Blue Jays.

Just one more reason to love regionals.

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