Friday, September 19, 2014

Vive les Blue Jays!

Well, a five game losing streak has all but sealed the Blue Jays fate in 2014. I will admit that I have all but given up on this season, and haven't been watching many games lately. That hasn't dampened my spirits about watching baseball, though. I'm still very much looking forward to the playoffs.

And that DEFINITELY hasn't dampened my spirits for collecting Blue Jays cards. Today's post is brought to you thanks to some generosity from Montreal. Stephane found my blog and was able to knock a handful of cards off of my wantlist. It should be noted that he completed my 1991 Leaf team set, but the highlight of what he sent was some 1992 Nabisco Jays cards. These cards strike a chord with me -- I clearly remember chasing them as a kid. Thanks to the 3 Stephane sent, I am down to needing only 7 more.

Keeping with French connections, I encourage you to take a moment to head over and check out a new baseball card blog: Kevin is based in France and just getting back into the hobby after a hiatus. What's also noteworthy is that Kevin is a Blue Jays collector! If you haven't checked out his blog, I encourage you to.

And lastly, if I'm going to plug blogs of Jays collectors, you really need to check out If you haven't been by Robert's site in a while, you should head there now. Since the Spring, he has been holding a March Madness style elimination bracket to figure out what Topps set to collect next. The entire series has created some interesting matchups and generated a lot of interesting comments and voting. 1959 is pitted against 1974 in the finals. If you hurry there soon, you'll make it in time to help decide the finals!

And to both of you, Kevin and Robert, if you're reading this watch your mailboxes. Went to the PO today and sent you each some Jays cards.

Vive les Blue Jays!


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  1. Thanks Robert, I'll hassle my mailman starting on monday ! Happy to read anonther one of your posts !