Monday, October 6, 2014

On this day in history...a milestone is reached!

A week and a half ago, I posted about finding the tough-to-find 1994 Blue Jays Oh Henry! set. That score, kicked off a bit of a spree that included a trade with Kevin over at The Card Papoy. Since October started, I have completed 10 different Toronto Blue Jays team sets.

On its own, no big deal. Except for one thing: I started October with 90 complete Blue Jays team sets. I'm not big on New Year Resolutions, so I didn't make one. But I did quietly set a goal of trying to have 100 complete Blue Jays team sets by the end of 2014. Thanks to a modern 'throw-in' from Kevin, set 100 arrived via air mail.

And yeah, it's a bit of a cheating victory, but you can't blame me. It's not my fault Topps only issued one Blue Jays card in the 2010 Topps This Day in History issue ;)

Anyway, here it is. Aaron Hill. What's especially awesome about this card, to me, is two-fold. One, it was nowhere on my radar, as I didn't know it existed. And two, the baseball highlight of 2010, for me, is a Yankees game I got to take in at Skydome (I'll never call it Rogers Centre) to mark my 30th birthday. In that game, I got to see Andy Pettitte pitch for the first time. I got to see Derek Jeter leadoff and later hit a homerun, and I got to see the Blue Jays win, walk-off style, by way of an Aaron Hill single with 1 out in the 14th.

Suffice it to say, I'm happy to have this card mark Team Set 100. Thanks Kevin!

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  1. Congrats on nabbing the Hill card. I still call it Skydome too....