Saturday, March 7, 2015

Now that I've got it, I'm starting to get it.

A while back, I posted about one of my favourite cards. It is a 2003 Topps Tribute that has a bat chip in it and contains Joe Carter's autograph. Fantastic card. As discussed in that post, I followed the card for a while and bought it one day at what I felt was a fair price. I was excited when it arrived in the mail, and I still think it's a fantastic card. But at times, I still wondered about slicing up jerseys and bats to stick 'em into cards. This isn't to say I'm against it -- not for 'modern' players at least -- but I wasn't sure if I was sold on the idea.

That is changing.

A few weeks back, I was surfing eBay hoping to find a decent sized lot of Joe Carter cards with enough cards I don't have in it to justify paying the price of shipping. No dice. Thanks to completing a couple of trades on Zistle the past couple weeks, I'm up to 245 different Joe Carter cards. I think they are the same 245 Joe Carter cards that everyone on eBay has. Oh well, the hunt is part of the fun.

So while going through various auction listings, I found a BIN for a 2005 Donruss Greats Souvenirs card with both a bat chip and a jersey. Pretty cool, I thought. And although shipping was about the same price as the card, I decided to spoil myself. I may have been a couple pints deep when I bought this card, because I forgot all about it until it showed up in the mail.
Thank you eBay, for yet another scan
As is my practice, I took this scan from eBay, because I think it's a good one (right click, save-image-as is faster than scanning!). Amazingly, it *still* doesn't do this card justice. When I opened the envelope the card jumped right out. I mean, it pops.

In hand, this card looks awesome. The colours, the finish, the placement of the various elements. I don't know,  I just like it. I'm also drawn to the fact that there are parallels in this set of the identical card with no memorabilia, just the jersey, just the bat, and another that is autographed. I bought a 'just the bat' version on COMC immediately after snagging this one, but haven't even seen scans of the jersey or autographed version.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is, I think I get it. Done right, the swatches, bats, etc. are pretty cool. I am pretty sure this is the point at which collecting relic cards, or whatever you want to call them, is going to become an addiction. I'm okay with it though ;)

Thanks for reading.