Thursday, July 16, 2015


Quick post today, because, well, I'm crazy busy.

But I can't not post that I hit my goal.

This afternoon, I put another 13.25 pounds of cardboard into the mail destined for multiple locations in multiple countries. Nothing overseas this time (sorry Kevin!), but all-in it's 3000 more cards towards my goal to purge 5000.

So guess what 2500 + 3000 is? Yep, 5500.

So I did it. I'm pretty jazzed. Feels good to get that stuff out of the house.
Feels good to drop cardboard bricks on other collectors, too.
Actually, I'm really happy about that, to be honest.
It's kind of addicting. Though the pace may slow since I hit my goal, I see this purging effort continuing. If you want some Jays cards, hit me up. If you need some 80's / 90's Topps stuff (more than just Jays), hit me up. Seriously. It's your for free if you want it.

On the other side of this goal, I have recorded 508 Joe Carter cards in my Zistle collection and have another 2 dozen or so piling up at COMC.

So there you have it. On with the second-half of the MLB season now...

Thanks for reading.