Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Let's look at some autographed relics

When I was a kid, having an autographed card in your collection was a big deal. A BIG deal. Not everyone had one, a couple guys might have 1 or 2, but nobody had 5 or 10. Just didn't happen.

Then there was limited print stuff. Remember how crazy 1991 Upper Deck's "Find the Nolan" contest was? I couldn't tell you how many packs we ripped into as kids just hoping that somebody in our group would find it. Nobody did. And remember Donruss Elite? Even with print runs upto like 10,000 they were still impossible to find. Series signature stuff to 5,000? Forget it.

And NOBODY talked about game used anything. Nobody had ever caught a ball, let alone owning a bat, jersey, glove, etc.

Fast forward a few decades, and it's not unreasonable to have multiple autographed cards, from print runs far more limited than "Find the Nolan" with bits and pieces of game used material "built-in". The hobby has changed some, hasn't it?

Clearly a lot has changed. In the game, the hobby, the world. I won't turn this into a "remember when..." post, though. As much as I preferred the days when I got out of bed and didn't already have mysteriously aching knees, I don't mind what the hobby has evolved to.

At the start of this year, I owned 1 Joe Carter "relic". It also happened to be autographed. I have posted about this card before. In the past few months I have added 40-something Joe Carter relics/autos to my collection. It's become a rather active area of collecting for me. I still appreciate and collect common cards, of course, but I like to sprinkle in a relic pickup when the price is right. Especially the autographed type.

Anyway, there you have 'em. 5 autographed relic cards of Joe Carter. 4 of them are also numbered.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, honestly, it's a well done insert set for sure. No idea how Maz didn't make it into it, though.

  2. Those are great looking cards. I'm impressed at how Carter cards still hold their value, autograph-wise. Cheap deals can't be found too easily !

    1. Man, you're right. I got that Topps Tribute for pretty cheap a few years ago, but that sure isn't the case anymore. Still fun to chase though!