Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Just a couple cool pick-ups.

Good afternoon folks. Hope everyone has enjoyed, or is enjoying, their holidays. Bizarre Christmas around here as we were in the double digits (Celsius) on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Certainly not normal, but I'm certainly not complaining.

Not having to shovel seems to have given me more time for cardboard, too, so that's another reason not to complain. Of course, I didn't say it's made me a more reliable blogger. That certainly hasn't happened. But I have been busy. I've managed to binder all of my Joe Carter cards (less the relics, and the eTopps card but more on that in a minute), and finally have my Zistle collection aligned with what I actually have. In-hand, I'm just shy of 600 cards (595), and if you include what I have sitting in my COMC mailbox, I'm closing in on 650. It's been a good year, for sure.

And while my blogging activity hasn't been anything to write home about, I have been active on Zistle. Once I get the next batch of scans uploaded (site literally went down while I was uploading them), I think there will be scans for every Joe Carter card I have from 1984-1991. Admittedly, I'm just filling in holes and adding new scans where COMC watermarked versions exist, but I'm happy to see full screens of cards instead of blank placeholders. I really am quite impressed with that site, and how actively members contribute.

But enough about that. Let's see some cardboard! Just a couple things to show today -- both from my "top 10" want list pinned to the side of my blog layout. Up first is a 1990 Star Nova Joe Carter Promo. I'm not going to bother showing the back since it's just a blank yellow. I'm pretty happy to have this card -- I got the whole set actually. It's not particularly tough or anything, but for some reason prices are all over the place. I believe there are only 500 of the set produced. When this set came out, I'm sure finding it was difficult. Not anymore, it's more about waiting for the price you want to pay. Nonetheless, I'm glad I got it. Another few cards off the want list. I have no idea what I'm going to replace it with on the "possible 5" so it'll stay there in strikethrough for now ;)

My other pick-up is another "possible 5". And the truth is, I've actually owned this card for nearly 10 years. It's a 2005 eTopps card. I bought it through their online marketplace back when it was released -- I just didn't want to pay the $12 or whatever it would have cost to ship it. A few weeks ago, though, eTopps had a promo, so I managed to get it into my COMC mailbox and then home for just a few bucks. I left another dozen or so eTopps cards in the vault (or whatever) for now, though. And I'll share a back scan of this one since it's more interesting then just a solid yellow.

This is the first time I've actually held one of these cards in-hand. Topps didn't mess around with the case they put it in, that's for sure. The thing is massive. I may end up taking the card out of the case just so I can store it more easily. For now it's just cool to have it "in" my collection instead of just virtually something I own.

Anyway, there you go. A quick post, a couple scans, and now back to uploading scans at Zistle, if the site is back up.

Happy New Year!