Saturday, January 30, 2016

One card post and a couple of shout outs

Like many of you, collecting baseball cards is what I use to forget about all of the responsibilities that go along with growing up. Work, bills, more bills, all that stuff. And because addressing those responsibilities is the priority, I often find whatever "me time" I have has to take place late at night and into the wee hours of the morning (case in point, right now. It's 4 minutes after midnight on Sunday as I type this). And if there's one thing that has become synonymous with "me time", it's late night browsing of eBay, trying to hang on to some peace and quiet while simultaneously denying my body the sleep it so badly needs.

About this time last weekend, I was enjoying some "me time" and stumbled across this odd-ball Joe Carter card. I love odd-ball Joe Carter cards, and didn't have this one. For a couple bucks shipped, I snatched it up. At this point, I've done nothing to research this card or "Legends Sports Memorabilia", so I have no insight for you (is there anything on this blog worthy of that description anyway?). But I do want to say this: If you ever get the chance to deal with Q-City Sports Collectibles on eBay, do it! I bought this card last Saturday and found it in my mailbox on Friday. To get mail across the border in 6 days is nuts. Especially when shipping was less than $3. I've used these guys in the past to get my odd-ball fix, and I hope to use them again. And seriously, you should too.

And speaking of folks in this hobby that are awesome to deal with, a second shout out goes to the newest blogger on the block, Chris over at For starters, he's a Joe Carter collector, so that has to mean he's got his head on straight. Second, he's the guy that offered to hook me up with some Joe Carter cards I didn't have and then did just that in a huge way, so you know he's generous as hell. Third he writes an entertaining blog. I encourage you to check it out. If my experience with Chris so far is any indication, and what he's written on his blog so far is any indication, he's going to fit into this community very well, and run a very popular blog.

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  1. Looks like a great blog, I'll be following it now ! thanks for the heads up

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the new blog

  3. Thank you for your extremely kind words and I am looking forward to interacting with all the other bloggers and get to know them, and hopefully, help each other with our collections. As far as the Legends card, I can lend insight . These cards were issued in 9 card uncut panel that were included in Legends Sports Magazine. This was a high end slick magazine that debuted in 1990. They had BEAUTIFUL painted covers and various articles within the magazine. Each magazine contained a uncut panel of 9 cards, and some postcards of usually some of the various cover art. The magazines retailed for $20 and was available with direct sale covers and retail store covers. They were around for 6 years, and can be found pretty cheap. Joe had 2 identical cards one was silver, and the other bronze bordered. Player collectors may love some of the cover art they had featuring their favorite players.