Saturday, February 6, 2016

I'll buy that for a dollar!

On the right side of this blog is a list of Joe Carter cards that I'm hoping to add to my collection someday. The relics are from older sets that just don't seem to sell too often, and there are some not-so-easy regional issues, but I don't think any of them are *impossible* tough. And sometimes, it just comes down to not being lazy.

Consider, for example, item number one on that list. A 2003 Canadian Baseball Hall-of-Fame induction card. A regional. Not one that's seen too often, although a signed copy was on eBay late last year, and an unsigned copy was on eBay earlier this year. I didn't manage to land either of them, but remained optimistic since I basically live half-way between Toronto and the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. One is bound to land on my radar.

And then one basically fell in my lap. I was emailing back and forth with Dave, a Kelly Gruber (super?) collector, and mention of that card came up. He shot me a link to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame website where they were advertising "induction cards" for sale for $0.99 - $19.99. I mean, I could have found this information. I could have reached out to them earlier. And I didn't. But once that link was handed to me, what excuse did I have?

So I emailed them last Sunday evening fully expecting that on Monday or Tuesday they'd email back and say they're out of Joe Carter cards. That was 13 years ago after all.

Instead, quite the opposite happened. Within 15 minutes, they emailed back (yes, I said Sunday evening) and within another 10 minutes, I had bought and paid for a 2003 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Joe Carter. For a dollar! (plus S&H).

So last Wednesday, I *officially* added this card to my collection and can strike it off of the wantlist. So thank you Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, and thank you Dave, for making this so easy and pointing out my obvious laziness. It's too late in the year to adopt a New Year's resolution or else I'd officially strive to be less lazy this year. Maybe next year.

Oh, and stay tuned. There's a chance that another regional in the top 10 will be displayed in "strikethrough" in the coming week.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Awesome! I'm glad to see you got the card in the mail!

    Here's another player collector's story about getting their Canadian Baseball HOF card: