Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oh Happy? Oh Henry!

A few weeks ago, I spent a dollar to grab a significant Joe Carter card off my Level of Excellence wantlist. And today, I'm back with another big pick-up. Knocking out two of those ten inside a few weeks, and a very tough two, if I don't say so, is very unlikely, but very awesome.

We'll get into how I managed to track this down in a minute, but first let's find out what I'm even talking about. The card pictured, in case you don't recognize it, is Joe Carter from the exceedingly difficult 1995 Oh Henry Blue Jays set. This set, like 1994 and 1996, was a stadium giveaway, and, based on how difficult the sets from these three years are to find, I'm guessing those games weren't too well attended.

Fortunately, it would appear that Bob over at was at the game (and many others if you look at the other Blue Jays SGAs he's got for sale) and was willing to sell his set of the cards.

So thanks to a little bit of luck, what would have normally been a late night wasted away in front of my computer, instead became time well spent clicking who-knows-how-many-pages-deep into Google search results. Upon finding his site and looking through it, I shot an email over to him half-expecting it to just bounce back as no longer in use. I was thrilled to hear from him, and even more thrilled to be able to work out a deal for this card.

It's not news that I'm a huge fan of regional issues, so picking this up makes my day. I have the entire set now, so if anyone else has been searching endlessly for a card from this set (and you're not this guy, who is probably also looking for the Joe Carter card!), shoot me an email 'cause I'd love to share this find with others.

Now it's time to set my focus on the 1996 Oh Henry Joe Carter card. If I can get my hands on that card I'll have the complete run of Fire Safety and Oh Henry cards capturing Joe Carter's time as a Blue Jays.

Thanks for reading.



  1. great pickup--never seen them ever myself

    1. Well, let me see what I can do to get a couple of these into your collection. Next time I hit the PO I'll PWE you a couple.

  2. Replies
    1. You should see these's almost like they are layered instead of printed. I can't really explain it.

  3. It is amazing how you have been able to locate all these tough cards as of late. I hope to one day own that cheesy designed cardboard.

    1. I've been on a good run the past few weeks for sure. It won't last, but the good news is that now there's two sets of eyes looking for a '95 Oh Henry for your collection!