Saturday, March 5, 2016

Definitely not just another baseball card trade

Mike, the curator of Not Another Baseball Card Blog, only appeared on my radar a few months ago, but since then we've exchanged cards a couple times. He's a Toronto Blue Jays collector (among other interests), which makes finding stuff to send his way really easy for me.

And he wasted no time reaching out when I mentioned my plans to chase the Collector's Choice set. Before even really knowing what cards I'd need, he had everything set aside and ready to go. As it turned out, I needed nearly everything he had for trade -- a bunch of Series 2 stuff, including some silver sigs and a John Kruk from Series 1.

And here's the cool thing: The same day Mike's trade package arrived, so too did a couple of wax boxes I ordered (one from each series). I ripped through Series 1 already, and after all was said and done, I finished my Series 1 base set. I was pretty pumped, as it came right down to the last pack to pick off the last two cards I needed. But guess what card I didn't pull? Not from a Series 1 Jumbo box and not from a Series 1 Wax box. That's right. After 56 packs of Series 1, for a grand total of 832 cards I didn't pull a single Series 1 John Kruk card.

So here's to you, Mike. There was almost two dozen cards in the pack you sent me -- including some awesome stuff (read: Silver sig Cecil Fielder team card, Dave Justice checklist among other big names of the 90s), and they will get their due, but since this card was the linchpin for my Series 1 base card success, I think a single-card post in your honour is the way to go.

Cheers, man. Thanks again for hooking me up!


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  1. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoy the cards.. It's funny how that was the only Kruk you got between the boxes and the trade.