Monday, March 14, 2016

Finding whales isn't supposed to be this easy

To say the least, 2016 is off to a good start. On the last day of January, I managed to pickup a very obscure 2003 Canadian HoF Induction card of Joe Carter, and then part-way through February I managed to snag a 1995 Oh Henry! Joe Carter. Given my odds-defying success rate, it would only make sense that March be a total dryspell right?

Wrong. Because look what arrived in my mailbox the first Friday of March, via a trade with Chris over at Yessir, that is a 1990 Leaf Preview Joe Carter. And the crazy thing is that this isn't even the only thing he sent.

Joining 1990 Leaf Preview Joe on the trek North is this sweet Panini Immactulate Joe Carter numbered /25. I really like the colours in this card, and it's a fairly clean signature, too. I've been conditioned by reading other blogs to look at Panini cards and wonder about this missing logos. In this case, it's not a distraction, actually. The photo is the type you'd expect on a Joe Carter card, so there was minimal airbrushing required, I suppose. Anyway, great card.
And if you've ever traded with Chris, you know he doesn't cut corners. Well more than 2 Joe Carters were in the package. There are easily 2 dozen print variations that I needed (yes, *needed*), along with a couple "normal" Carters I didn't yet have in my collection, and if that wasn't enough, he included some other odds and ends for my son because of comments I made in this post (more cards he sent). Beyond spectacular.

Honestly, this has been a crazy few months so far. The pace can't continue, but I'm gonna ride it out as long as I can!

Thanks again for the trade, Chris. These are awesome cards to add to the collection!

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  1. That is a great trade package. The Carter auto is really nice!

  2. So glad to fill in the blanks for you, and glad to find some crazy die cuts for your son.