Sunday, February 5, 2017

Last call! And some cardboard.

So for starters, the contest ends tonight!
Is it a bad idea to do this on the night of Super Bowl? Probably.
But if you're not already too far into a plate of nachos, some wings and the beverage of your choice, then it's not too late to enter.
Actually, even if you're well into all of those things, but you haven't entered, it might not be too late.

Right now, entrants have a 1-in-6 chance of walking away with an authentic T205 of Canadian great George Gibson.

And now that you're here, and I'm writing a post anyway, how about some cardboard?

Admittedly, my Carter collection has slowed down lately. I haven't really had the desire to spend money on it, and have been busy with the project linked to above. Despite that, I do still have my saved search for Joe Carter, and every now and again something pops up on it that at least catches my attention.

Such was the case about mid-way through 2016. What caught my attention was this: 

For those that don't know about this set, it's 1994 Post Canadian.The cards were available in Post-branded cereal. It's an 18 card set, but also includes a "gold" parallel of card number 1 (Joe Carter), and an autographed version of the gold parallel as well, making the true complete set 20 cards.

Of course, there was a catch. The autographed Carter card was the "chase" card, limited to only 1,000 (minuscule by 1994 standards), and put in there to jointly taunt little kids and have them beg their parents to keep buying sugary Alpha-Bits and whatever else.

Anyway, there has been a version of this card on eBay off-and-on for years, listed for around $200. Like the 1994 version in cereal boxes, it's been out there taunting me, and likely other Carter collectors as well. There for the taking, but at a price point that's outside of most comfort zones (or so I assume based on the number of times it's been re-listed).

And then that day happened. This card was listed with a BIN of $14.95. I looked at it only long enough to see that it was still in the cellophane, didn't look at my shipping options, and BIN'd it immediately. The seller didn't ship to Canada, so I routed this to my COMC mailbox and kinda forgot about it until recently when I shipped a bunch of stuff from my COMC mailbox.

It's finds like these that keep me on the fence about what to do with my Carter collection.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Its funny.. I always had issue with trying to get the base sets of those cards, never mind the chase cards. I'm still working on the Nabisco set that was put out for Jays and Expos. I'm down to one card..

  2. Nah, I hear ya. Unless I go hunting for specific cards on eBay, COMC, etc that stuff seems to elude me.

    What's the last Nabisco card you need?