Monday, February 6, 2017

The show must go on!

This contest sure got off to a bumpy start. The new "dynamic" layout that I tried really wasn't conducive to "following". Thanks to Mike for pointing that out and helping me sort it out.

Then yesterday at some point, the new blog's domain went into "suspended" mode. I have no idea when that even happened, and it's still not fixed. I'm working with the dudes that I registered that domain with to get it resolved. What a pain.

Oh well, the show must go on!

So per my original "rules", today I'm posting the list of everyone that entered, and their number of entries. The new blog has 6 followers (5 who commented in the contest thread; one who commented on the new blog). In no particular order, each of the folks listed below gets one entry into the "draw", to be held tomorrow:

Matthew Scott
Mike Matson
Kevin Papoy

Stay tuned!


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