Sunday, April 30, 2017

Penny Sleeve Contest Win!

If you read this blog, then you probably also read Jon's "A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts" blog. If you don't read it, well, you really should head over there and add it to your blog roll.

A few weeks ago, Jon had a contest to celebrate his 168th post. It sounds funny when I type it out, but that's the truth. You can read more about the contest here. You have probably figured out by now that I won the contest. The prize for the contest was $15 in COMC credit, which is damn generous. Actually, as Jon and I started to exchange emails, I realized he's just an all around nice guy, and just seems to be naturally generous. The blogsophere should probably just start calling him Jonerous.

Now, cards.I put a lot of thought into how to spend the winning credits over at COMC. Initially, I felt a bit of pressure to try to do something epic with it. Like I owed it to the rest of the contest entrants to make sure I did everyone proud. I spent a good while on COMC trying to figure out how much epic you can do with $15. It turns out, you can actually get quite a bit of mileage out of it. But, every time I felt I found something that would do y'all proud, it occurred to me that it wasn't something that fit into my fairly narrow collecting focus. As a guy that's decided to pursue the 1994 Collector's Choice set in base, silver and gold, it ultimately made the most sense to try to further those endeavours. The thing is, I'm trying to collect that gold series on a budget, so really, those credits were a way to stretch that budget some.

Wanna see some cards?

This whole idea to build the set started as I neared completion of my gold Toronto Blue Jays team set. I think I knew all along that I'd go after the Expos next, and any time I can add to that team set, I'm gonna. So Alou and DeShields were no-brainers.

Bobby Bonilla was an easy pick. I know almost nothing about him, never followed him, nothing. But his 1988 Topps card was one of the first cards I ever busted from a pack, so his name always jumps out. Plus, that dive just looks so awkward, how do you pass on it?

Really don't know what to tell you about this card. Lance Johnson is another name that always jumps out at me, though I have no idea why. This one looks like Johnson just slid in at home on a dry day at the ballpark.

The name. Like Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy, it's just one of those names you don't forget.

The last two I don't have much of a story for. They just happened to be a pair of golds that I need for my set and were available at a price that I could sneak them both in for under the $15 cap. So I did. And then an interesting thing happened.

I emailed Jon my list, and he came back a few days later saying he'd gone the 'best offer' route and managed to get all of the cards and leave me with some money left to spend. So I bounced around the site one more time, didn't see any golds I needed for that price, didn't see any silvers I needed for that price, and then went to my checklist to see if there were any base cards I needed that were preventing me from completing the frankenset (ie. where I didn't have the base, silver or gold for a given player). There was one player: Oresetes Destrade.

So I shot Jon an email and asked for that guy. Jon went me one better ... he had a duplicate in his collection and would throw it in. And then things got really interesting. After a bit of looking, it turned out Jon had all eleven 1994 base cards I was missing! And guess what? And yep, he's Jonerous, remember? He included 'em all. And as sweet as Destrade's glasses are in his card, the other cards just happen to be even cooler. Check out a few of the highlights:

Right?! Just some extras thrown in there because I didn't spend the last little bit of the credit HE GAVE ME. I mean, by now, it shouldn't be surprising. There's no other word for it. The guy is flat out Jonerous.

And we're not even done yet. I was perusing his site at one point and noticed he had a few 1994 golds listed. I asked if he'd let me swap some of my dupes and a few extra Joe Carter cards that were on his want list to add another pair of golds to my set. He agreed, but passed on the gold duplicates. So I sent him a few Carter cards, and he came back with this beauties:

I don't even know what to say anymore. He offers up the contest, he offers up the sweet prize, he throws in the 11 missing base cards to complete my 1994 Collector's Choice base set, and is still interested in working out a trade to send me these extra cards.

An extreme contest win in my books.

Thank you SO MUCH Jon!


  1. I really don't think I am worthy of such a post, but it still made for a nice read . I'm just glad you were able to get some stuff you wanted, and as someone who is working on a number of parallel sets, seeing that you wanted to use your credit on Choice gold's was very heartwarming.

    By the way, I don't think I mentioned it in our emails, but I only had around 100 duplicates for the '94 set... So for me to just happen to have the eleven you needed makes me think that you might have been fated to win the contest.

    Oh, and I will try to have your cards featured in a post some time this week, this move has really been taking a lot out of me, which has really affected my blogging.

    1. Jonerous and humble, see that folks? ;)

      That is some interesting odds, though. I have hundreds of '94 duplicates. Probably 600 or more, so to be left with those 11 cards and for you to have all of them within 100 is surprising. And lucky!

      No pressure on the trade post, man. I know you've got real life stuff keeping you busy.

      Thanks again!