Sunday, June 4, 2017

A PWE adds 1 and 3

A few weeks ago, I put some Jays cards in the mail for Kevin (The Card Papoy). He's a Blue Jays collector among other things, and though he collects modern Jays cards, I'm pretty sure all of it is a giant front. What he truly covets is 1980s mustaches. You know the ones. Lloyd Moseby, Ernie Whitt, Rance Mulliniks. There are some late '70s and early 90s ones too. Pretty convenient that the Jays first season just *happens* to be in the late '70s.

Anyway, Kevin's particular collecting niche works well for me, because I usually don't have trouble finding surplus mustaches for his wantlist.

The cards I sent him got us talking, and 1994 Collector's Choice came up. He went through some of his extra stuff (aka. non-mustaches), and managed to dig out a few cards to help me chip away at my Gold and Silver parallel sets.

Truthfully, these arrived over a week ago. I'm sorry they're only being shared now. But trust me, this extra help is hugely appreciated. Thanks Kevin!

Starting off with the gold, we've got Brett Butler with the Dodgers. Butler, making what appears to be a throw from the outfield of Wrigley, is card 291 in my quest. So close to half-way. Total aside: I did a stadium tour at Wrigley a few years ago. Why don't they let you take your picture with the ivy in the backdrop?! Just makes no sense to me. I even told them I'd pay extra to do it. I would. Oh well, back to cardboard.

The three silver cards Kevin sent bring me to 622 in that quest. Only 48 more! First up, Dave Hollins with the Phillies. This card is particularly amusing to me. Or maybe the right word is confusing. He's wearing a batting helmet, and looks to be running counter-clockwise. Maybe first-to-second, given the angle of the photo and where the wall is? I mean, he could be going second to third, too. Either way, if that is what he's doing, then the next thing you'd figure is that he's looking into the outfield to watch the play unfold. In fact, his eyes might suggest he's watching a fly ball. So after all of that, now let's look at his left wrist. Or rather, the ball. By his left wrist. So what the Hollins is actually going on in this photo?!

The last pair of cards to look at are Ryan Klesko and Turk Wendell. I remember Klesko being a big deal in the early 90's, but what I really remember is reading an article in SI about him tagging along with the cops in his spare time on a drug bust. Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can find that article here.

Rounding out the PWE, we have Turk Wendell. I'm sure the Upper Deck folks were as intrigued with his quirkiness as I was am. His is my favourite card in the 1992 Upper Deck set, because it shows him brushing his teeth between innings and speaks of his other superstitions on the back -- never stepping on the foul lines being one of them. I went looking to see if he has a 1993 Upper Deck card to see what craziness it captures, but it seems he doesn't have one. What I did learn, though, is that this exact photo appears on the back of his 1994 Donruss card, and that the photo of the back of his 1994 CC card (sorry, too lazy to scan) appears on the back of his 1994 Pinnacle card.

Anyway, there you go. Four cards closer to the summit.

Thanks Kevin!