Joe Carter

TTM Success from the mid-90's
In addition to my 1977 O-Pee-Chee and 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice pursuits, I have decided to dedicate part of my collection to Joe Carter cards. Since my most influential collecting years coincide with the era of Junk Wax and Blue Jays success, this seems (to me at least) like a fairly obvious choice.

And because Joe Carter's "Blue Jays years" coincide with my most active collecting years, choosing him for a player collection gives me an opportunity to chase cards both from before and after the years I am most familiar with.

In pursuing this collection, I have two very simple long-term targets: 1,000 different Joe Carter cards, and of those, I will attempt to collect 100 different relics and autographs. I have no idea if this will actually be possible. I trust it'll keep me busy, though.

At this point, I do not intend to collect any stamps, pins, discs or stickers. My preference is "cardboard". I will pursue minis and micros, which is not something I've collected before.

As much as possible, I will keep my page on Zistle up-to-date, and eventually, I'll post a master "have list" in this blog, and maybe some kind of "top 10" cards I'd love to own. Who knows, it's still early in the journey.

That said, if you have any Joe Carter cards you can part with, please let me know!



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